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Wavertec USB Type C OTG Hub Y Cable 3 USB SD TF Card Reader Powered for Reading Hard Disk Drive HDD MMC II M2 MS for Samsung Galaxy S8 LG G5 Type C Tablet Cell Phone OEM

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With this multi functional card reader and hub, you will be able to use mouse, pen-drive, memory cards, or other USB gadgets on your cell phone/ tablet. The SD, Micro SD, MS and M2 card slots make the sharing of photo even easier.
It comes with a charging port. It allows you to use the 3 USB port at the same time while connecting to a over 5V, 1A power supply. If you are connecting a hard disk, the power cord can also help to provide power.

How to use:

  • Be reminded to connect to external power (over 5V, 1A) when you are using the USB Hub for multi-card reading or using the hard disk or some other power demanding gadgets.
  • Some of the mouse or keyboard is not compatible.
  • The hard disk format must be FAT32. It does not support NTFS.

Unique Features:

  • One device; Multi function.
  • Connectable to power source which allows you to run high power demanding gadgets on your cell phone.

Other Features:

  • With SD / Micro SD (TF) / MS / M2 card reading capability which make photo sharing much easier.
  • 3 USB hub can be use at the same time.


    • Any Type C Cell Phone or Tablet with OTG function
    • Samsung Galaxy S8
    • LG G5

  • Please check your cell phone / tablet and make sure it supports OTG function before buying. Cell phone after ROM normally does not support OTG.

Reading Capability of Slots:

  • SD Slot: SDHC / SD / MMC II / RSMMC / Ultra II SD / Extreme SD / Extreme II SD
  • MS Slot: MS / MS Pro Duo / MS MG / MS Pro MG / MS Duo MG
  • TF Slot: T-Flash / Micro SD
  • M2 Slot: M2

Colors Available:

  • Black


  • All brand names and trademarks are properties of their respective holders and are referred to here for descriptive purpose only.
  • The charge cable is for power up data storage device, e.g. hard disk drive. It is NOT for charging the cell phone nor tablet.
  • Only for a USB-powered hard disk, if you hard disk cannot power up with a usb power cable, please assume this cable cannot help. If the USB Socket from your PC cannot power up your hard disk when using this cable, please use some high-powered usb charger.

Package Content:

  • Type C OTG to 3 USB Hub and Multi Card Readers
  • Charging Cable (for powering hard disk drive reading)


  • Polybag










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