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Wavertec PC & Phone Dual USE Type C OTG Cable with USB Converter 3 USB Hub Card Reader Powered for Reading Hard Disk Drive HDD SD TF MMC II M2 MS for Samsung Galaxy S8 LG G5 Type C Tablet Cell Phone OEM

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This set of OTG cable comes with a Type C female to USB male adapter. You can either use it for connecting the type c cell phone or the computer. One gadget two use. It is both economical and environmental friendly.

With this multi functional card reader and hub, you will be able to use mouse, pen-drive, memory cards, or other USB gadgets on your cell phone/ tablet. The SD, Micro SD, MS and M2 card slots make the sharing of photo even easier.

It comes with a charging port. It allows you to use the 3 USB port at the same time while connecting to a over 5V, 1A power supply. If you are connecting a hard disk, the power cord can also help to provide power.

How to use:

  • Be reminded to connect to external power (over 5V, 1A) when you are using the USB Hub for multi-card reading or using the hard disk or some other power demanding gadgets.
  • Some of the mouse or keyboard is not compatible.
  • The hard disk format must be FAT32. It does not support NTFS.

Unique Features:

  • Dual use. Applicable on type c cell phone/tablet with OTG function. And also on computer via USB connection.
  • One device; Multi function.
  • Connectable to power source which allows you to run high power demanding gadgets on your cell phone.

Other Features:

  • With SD / Micro SD (TF) / MS / M2 card reading capability which make photo sharing much easier.
  • 3 USB hub can be use at the same time.


    • Computer with USB port
    • Any Type C Cell Phone or Tablet with OTG function
    • Samsung Galaxy S8
    • LG G5

  • Please check your cell phone / tablet and make sure it supports OTG function before buying. Cell phone after ROM normally does not support OTG.

Reading Capability of Slots:

  • SD Slot: SDHC / SD / MMC II / RSMMC / Ultra II SD / Extreme SD / Extreme II SD
  • MS Slot: MS / MS Pro Duo / MS MG / MS Pro MG / MS Duo MG
  • TF Slot: T-Flash / Micro SD
  • M2 Slot: M2

Colors Available:

  • Black


  • All brand names and trademarks are properties of their respective holders and are referred to here for descriptive purpose only.
  • The charge cable is for power up data storage device, e.g. hard disk drive. It is NOT for charging the cell phone nor tablet.
  • Only for a USB-powered hard disk, if you hard disk cannot power up with a usb power cable, please assume this cable cannot help. If the USB Socket from your PC cannot power up your hard disk when using this cable, please use some high-powered usb charger.

Package Content:

  • Type C Female to USB Male Adapter
  • Type C OTG to 3 USB Hub and Multi Card Readers
  • Charging Cable (for powering hard disk drive reading)


  • Polybag










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