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Wavertec 2Ft 60cm Motherboard USB2.0 9 Pin / USB3.0 20 Pin to 2 USB3.0 A Female Cable USB Header Flat Computer Internal Adapter PC DIY

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This is a dual use adapter cable. It has a 9 pin female so that you can plug to your USB2.0 motherboard to give 2 USB A Female. It also has a 20 pin female so that you can plug to USB3.0 motherboard to give 2 USB A Female.
If your motherboard is now USB2.0, you can use this cable. In a later time, when you decided to change to USB3.0 motherboard, this cable still can be used. You do not need to buy a new cable.

Unique Features:

    • It contains a 9 Pin and a 20 Pin Female cable. This cable can be used on both USB 2.0 and USB3.0 motherboard.
    • It converts to 2 USB A female.

USB3.0 Vs USB2.0:

  • Band width is 10 times of USB2.0
  • Max. speed 5Gb/s; Compare with USB2.0 480Mb/s
  • Low energy consumption; e.g. at 25Mb/s, the energy consumption is 25% lower than USB2.0
  • Max. power is 4.5W compare with 2.5W of USB2.0
  • Better cable construction with heavier wire gauge and double layers shielding.
  • Speedy charging (if applicable); 80% faster than USB2.0

Colors Available:

  • Black


  • Converts motherboard 9 Pin or 20 Pin to 2 USB A Female
  • The 20 Pin end and USB A end are compliant to USB 3.0 standard


  • All brand names and trademarks are properties of their respective holders and are referred to here for descriptive purpose only.
  • You can connect either to 9 Pin USB2.0 or 20 Pin USB3.0. You cannot connect to both at the same time.

Package Content:

  • 9 Pin / 20 Pin Female to 2 USB A Female Cable


  • Polybag

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