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Wavertec 11 Pin OTG MHL Adapter HDMI Connection Kit USB A SD TF Female to Micro USB Male

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Your cell phone has to fulfill the following requirement in order to use this kit:

  • It can support the MHL function. Please check the specification of your cell phone. For example Galaxy S4 i9500 has MHL function but Samsung Galaxy S4 i9508 Mini does not have MHL.
  • If your cell phone has been ROM, the MHL cannot function.
  • This cable is specific for Samsung Galaxy with 11 pin MHL, i.e. Galaxy S3, S4, Note 2. Older model, e.g. Galaxy S2 (5 pin), is not compatible with this cable. We have another cable for this purpose.
  • Descriptions:
    This adapter helps you to connect your Samsung Galaxy S4 / S3 / Note 2 to:

    • a TV for Video Playback (as a MHL output)
    • SD card for Data transfer (as an OTG connection)
    • Micro SD (T-Flash) card for Data transfer
    • Computer for Data Sync / USB Port for charging
    • Keyboard for data input / DC for picture and video input
    • Power source for charging (via the Micro USB)

    Unique Features:

    • One adapter; Multi-function; Don’t need to manage various of adapters. So simple, so easy!

    Genaral Features:

    • Incredibly easy to download photos from your digital camera
    • Supports SD / SDHC / Micro SD (TF) Cards
    • Supports connecting via the USB port (see notes below)
    • The USB port can be connected to a keyboard for data input to your iPad
    • Don't have more than 1 device connect to the dongle at the same time.

    This accessory is compatible with:

    • Samsung Galaxy S4 Siv i9500 i9505 I337 L720 M919 I545 LTE
    • Samsung Galaxy S3 Siii i9300 i9305 LTE T999 L710 I535 I747 LTE
    • Samsung Galaxy Note 2 II N7100 N7105 T889 L900 I317 R950 LTE
    • If you cell phone is not listed above, please contact us before you buy.
    • If your cell phone has ROM, most likely it will not work for MHL.

    Colors Available:

    • Black


    • All trade names are registered trademarks of respective manufacturers listed.
    • Please keep no space between the device and the dongle
    • Make sure your cell phone support MHL before buying! If your cell phone has been ROM, most likely it will not work for MHL.

    Package Includes:

    • Micro USB Multi-Function Connection Kit x 1
    • USB Cable x 1


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