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How do I Connect My Computer to My TV

Posted by S Lam on


This is a life example of how our buyer use our items. All the info and photos are originated from our buyer.


Connector A:

  • PC video card, Nvida GeForce, GT 545

Connector B:

  • Sanyo LCD HDTV, FW32D06F


  • Used to connect 2 HDMI cables together for the purpose of extending the slightly too short HDMI cable connection between a PC to the TV, by using this great and simple adapter and another HDMI cable I already had, to make up the needed extra few feet. The adapter worked great and now i can watch my shows from YouTube and other internet sources, on my much larger HDTV.

Above info is from Buyer:

  • Prindagelf


Item Info.:
HDMI Female to Female Extender HDMI 1.4 Gender Changer Adapter


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