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2in1 Lightning & Micro USB Charging Cable Review UnBoxing OEM

Posted by S Lam on

This is a life example of how our buyer use our items. All the info and photos are originated from our buyer.


Connector A:

  • Various smartphones (iPhone, Android, etc.)

Connector B:

  • PC or wall outlet adapter


  • One cable does it all!
  • This USB cable from Wavertec is great when you have too many kinds of devices to charge. I am currently building a public computer room (similar to an internet cafe), and I cannot predict which phones visitors might bring. Wavertec's cable will allow me to provide an area where anyone can charge their phone, whether it's an iPhone, an Android, or something else. I am planning to buy more of this cable.

Above info is from Buyer:

  • Alan S.


Item Info.:
Wavertec Micro USB Lightning Cable


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