Vital Factors To Consider When Choosing A Cloud Server

You probably have come across the buzz about cloud servers and wondered whether it's a good idea to use the technology. Indeed, there are many uses of cloud servers that you could exploit to your advantage and one of them is getting an alternative to your on-premises servers. Cloud servers allow you to run your applications with higher performance, which enhances efficiency for your business. Deciding which provider to use is a concern that many businesses are yet to crack, but here are factors you should consider to pick the right provider.

Performance is Key
Performance is a concern many businesses cannot overlook and particularly when choosing cloud servers, they first analyze the performance. You should make sure the cloud server provider you choose delivers to their promises, and the best way to verify this is requesting for the trial version of their software. Additionally, you could read through reviews left by previous or existing users of the software to evaluate whether it would make sense to replace your on-premises servers with theirs.

How Secure is The Cloud?
Security is vital when it comes to string and accessing information stored in cloud-based servers. If your intention is to store your company’s secret data, then you need to choose a cloud server provider who has excelled in delivering storage services that are backed by the most secure systems. Approach used to security in this case is what matters most as some technologies still in use are not reliable. Check for security measures like firewalls, encryption mechanisms and user authentication to verify that your data will be secured well.

Comparing Cloud Servers
To compare cloud servers, you need more than just the pricing factor. There are several other factors you should include like length of contract and size of virtual machine, to name a few. Understanding which company offers the most ideal deal requires that you sift through a lot of information, which could also take a lot of time. To simplify the process, you might need to consider the following companies rated best in 2017: Azure, Amazon Web Services and Google. These are trusted companies that serve millions and storing your data with them gives you an array of benefits including security and performance.

Things You Should Never Store in Cloud Servers
Despite the fact that cloud servers also offer you the security you need to reinforce access against your files, there is no guarantee the system is immune to penetration. You need to understand what should not be put in the cloud to protect sensitive data. The first thing that you must not store in the cloud is litigation strategies. This is very sensitive information and in the unfortunate scenario that someone with malicious intentions gains access to this information you could suffer huge losses.

The second sensitive detail to keep privately is tax information, which could result in the loss of millions of dollars. Third, don’t keep personally identifiable information on cloud servers as any slight vulnerability could expose this information to people who could use it to fleece you or bring your business down. It is most advisable to keep such information in places not associated with shared networks t

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