SATA to eSATA Adapter User Review to SSD Reuse Old Hard Disk Drive

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Connector A:

  • Western Digital WD50000LPVX (approx. 500Gb)

Connector B:

  • Netgear R7800 MIMO router


  • I wanted an inexpensive way to back up my data on a regular basis over the network, and when I purchased a SSD for a laptop I owned, I was left with a now un-used 500 GB SATA drive. I decided to buy a Wavertec SATA to eSATA adapter to connect my old drive to a network router for backups. The adapter is easy to use, just connect to the bare drive and then connect to a powered eSATA connector on whatever device, in my case a network router. Since the drive and adapter are hidden in a component shelf, I didn't need a more expensive enclosure because it's not going to be moved. The Wavertec adapter provided the perfect solution for my ne. The product works perfectly and I couldn't be happier!

Above info is from Buyer:

  • Jim R - Cuyahoga Falls, OH USA

Item Info.:
Wavertec 22 Pin SATA to eSATA Adapter Cable

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