Review on DP DisplayPort to HDMI Cable MSI 1050ti to LG HDTV UnBoxing

This is a life example of how our buyer use our items. All the info and photos are originated from our buyer.

This time, the buyer has an assembled PC and he wants to connect to an extra HDMI monitor. His display card has DisplayPort, HDMI and DVI output. The HDMI has been used. So, he us our adapter cable to make the connection between DisplayPort and HDMI monitor.

Set up of his PC:

  • CPU: AMD 9590
  • Motherboard: Asus Sabertooth 990fx V2
  • RAM: 32gb HyperX DDR3 1866
  • Graphic Card: MSI 1050ti 4gb (with DP, HDMI, DVI output)

Brand of HDMI Mointor:

  • LG


  • A very nice cable for easily connecting a PC to another monitor or TV. When only one type of output which is HDMI is present. And the display card has DisplayPort and HMDI ports. Didn’t have any issues duplicating my screen to my TV. Sound over display port is nice also. I’m happy with it.

Above info is from Buyer:

  • Brett D.

Item Info.:
Wavertec 3M DisplayPort to HDMI Cable

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