How to create an old RS232 Serial Com Port on New PC Device?

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Connector A:

  • Digital mixing console

Connector B:

  • Motherboard of PC


I have been trying to revive an old Mackie digital mixing console with modern computer parts, but it requires older connectors that are not often found on newer PCs. It needs a 9-pin D-Sub connector in order to run the faders and buttons. Most modern motherboards do not have this connector, but some have a header that will allow you to connect an adapter. Wavertec had the right adapter for this project. The cable was long enough to fit over an expansion card near the header, and the bracket feels sturdy. The connector works perfectly, and this mixing console will continue to live on.

Above info is from Buyer:

  • Alan S

Item Info.:
Motherboard DB9 RS232 Pinout to Com Serial Port Cable with Blackplate

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