How to Protect My Internal Hard Disk Drive from Damaging?

In the world of computers, the disk is in charge of storing all our information, it is very important! That's why it's best to avoid damaging it, since you could lose a lot of really valuable data; for it protection you must follow a couple of practical tips. Don’t worry, all is very easy to understand and doesn’t require too much in terms of knowledge.

To achieve that your internal hard drive, that is to say, that is connected directly in the port M.2 or SATA of your computer, only follows the advice that will be described next.

1. Use a ventilated case
Heat, as is common, can affect both the performance and usefulness of your internal hard drive; this factor can be evaded in a simple way and is using enough ventilation.
That said you can choose a case with enough ports to connect fan coolers, which can be obtained at a fairly cheap price in the market; in the other hand, it’s also it’s really important to keep the device in temperatures between 30 to 50 Degrees Celsius internally.

2. Position your case correctly
The hard drive is designed to be used in a single position, although this does not apply to new SSD formats, as they do not contain mechanical parts. This will protect the piece from being damaged quickly and more so if you prevent your computer from constantly moving, especially if it is a laptop.
The laptop usually should not move so abruptly and avoid receiving strong blows that could damage your disk little by little. If possible, buy a good case for your computer!

3. Move away from magnetic sources
Being a piece made up of mechanical and electronic elements, the internal hard disk, and the external hard disk as well; can be seriously damaged by standing near sources of magnetism. So you have two options:
• Use a power-proof case, some of which may be plastic or coated metal.
• Simply stay away it from external current sources, as this electromagnetic field is generated as a result of the movement of electronic particles.

4. Avoiding the dust
Oh yes, dust is present on many computer sites, and this is also a damaging factor to the life of your data storage. Avoiding it only requires having internal cleaning habits; you can use a small non-wet toothbrush, and also, as mentioned above, use a well-ventilated case to avoid its accumulation.

5. Purchase an internal chassis
In addition to the case of your computer, you can choose to buy an extra physically speaking protection. These are small plates that in most cases are made of high quality aluminum to cover your HDD again, avoiding contact with external agents such as the aforementioned powder.

Finally, as you may have noticed, the tips described here are quite easy to apply, and they only require little budget to spend. The reality is that they are worth it, since to extend the life of your PC and its components is paramount, especially if it is to protect your information.

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