How Do I Reuse Old Micro SD Card to Small USB Drive

This is a life example of how our buyer use our items. All the info and photos are originated from our buyer.

Connector A:

  • Transcend Premium 32G Micro SD Card

Connector B:

  • Buyer plugged in different laptops, audio system in his car Jeep Grand Cherokee


  • I'm using the microSD USB Adapter basically as a 'flexible' USB drive. By swapping microSD cards, I can create a small USB drive that has different capacities.
  • I have a number of microSD cards in various cameras and as spares. I have a similar adapter, but with all the microSD cards I own it is nice to have an additional adapter.
  • The devices I use the adapter for includes multiple laptops and even the stereo in my Jeep Grand Cherokee.

Usage Examples:

  • Remove microSD card from camera, insert into adapter and then into laptop to copy images (and then delete from the microSD card).
  • Insert microSD card into the adapter, copy music (MP3) files to the card and then take the card/adapter out to my Jeep and copy the song files onto the radio hard drive.
  • I also use the adapter for updating the navigation maps on the Jeep radio.

Above info is from Buyer:

  • Todd from Minnesota

Item Info.:
Very Small Micro SD Card Adapter with Eject Button

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