How Do I Deal With Too Short Front Panel Cable Not Long Enough?

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Connector A:

  • ASUS Motherboard Model B150M-A-M.2

Connector B:

  • Front Panel with 2 USB2.0 and Audio Output


  • This simple cable allowed me to connect my PC’s front panel USB 2.0 connectors to a new motherboard. I gave my PC an update from a vintage Intel Core 2 Duo ASUS motherboard (P5KPL-CM) to a newer ASUS model (B150M-A-M.2) with a modern CPU (Intel Core i5 – Quad Core Model 7600). The motherboard is housed in a micro ATX horizontal desktop case I’ve had for years. (I’m old school – I prefer my PC not sitting on the floor). There’s a lot of functionality integrated on the motherboard - such as sound and video - and even a dedicated PCI-e slot for a Solid State Drive (Samsung 960 Pro). I didn’t need to use any of the conventional PCI-e slots. Even the onboard video is the fastest I’ve seen for simple Windows 10 operations (not necessarily gaming, however). This is also my first PC without a magnetic hard drive. Gotta love that. The only snag I ran into was that ASUS repositioned the location of the motherboard’s internal USB 2.0 headers. The front panel cable supplied with my case wasn’t quite long enough to reach, so I had to find a longer one. Wavertec to the rescue! They shipped me a cable (female at both ends) with just enough length to let me connect my front-panel USB connector to the motherboard. Wavertec is one of the best resources on the web for relatively obscure stuff like this.

Above info is from Buyer:

  • Stephen M Lawrence

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