Everyone Can Live a VR Gaming Life

It’s quite obvious that you envy that neighbor of yours who spends countless hours during the weekend playing Assassin’s Creed and GTA V. Or maybe it is that workmate who boasts of how GTA is so easy and he breezes through the missions who annoys you the most. Whichever the case, it’s pretty clear that you wish you had the same amount of fun from time to time. It doesn’t help that you have a PC that gets hotter than the Mojave Desert 20 minutes into your favorite movie. Your assumption that these gaming nerds are packing some serious processing power is not misplaced but that does not mean you cannot get on their level. You may be feeling left out due to the lack of information of what you actually need to kick off your gaming escapades. It is actually simple to play these games.

The Basics
First off, let’s start with the basics. It’s highly unlikely that you are using Windows XP. Everybody is on Windows 7 or later. That is good enough. When it comes to your RAM, it should be nothing short of 8GB. Basic gaming requires up to 4GB minimum. Basic here refers to normal 3D games such as Need For Speed and the likes. Don’t even mind Solitaire or Scrabble which can run on a couple of MBs. When it comes to high-quality VR gaming, three times the power (or more) is needed. That is why any processor below the Core i5 or any of its equivalents won’t fair well. Most important of all, you should have a graphics card. NVIDIA comes greatly recommended. If your processor is not Intel, you can still make do with the AMD Radeon graphics card.
Before you get mad at your 2GB (or 4GB) RAM and Core i3 processor and deem it as useless, you will be glad to know that with just a few improvements, virtual quality can be a word that you toss around when having conversations with your neighbors or workmates.

The aim is to achieve a balance between graphics performance and CPU power. This means you can make up for your Core i3 in other areas such as the RAM or the graphics card. Upgrading your processor may be out of the question especially if you are on a tight budget since you will have to replace the whole motherboard or buy a new PC. The good news is, the RAM is always highly customizable. Basically, all PCs come with two ports for RAM. You can easily throw away your 2GB and settle for two 4GB RAMs to make it 8; problem solved.
Now, to complete your PC transformation, go for a high-end graphics card and your processor will never be an issue. Choose the latest NVIDIA or AMD graphics cards depending on your processor. Once you are sure you can achieve 60fps, you are all set. Nothing can stop you now.
Don’t let the nerds torment you. Show them that you have a few tricks up your sleeves too and you can compete with the best of them. Happy gaming!

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