Apple iPhone 30 Pin & Lightning to USB C Samsung Galaxy Review UnBoxing OEM

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Connector A:

  • Samsung Galaxy C9

Connector B:

  • I've bought two adapters from them. One is Apple 30 pin and the other one is Apple Lightning.


  • I have been thinking to changing to Samsung Galaxy for a long period of time. I think they are now better in functions than those iPhones. I saw quite some of my friends have been changed to Samsung. So, I give it a try and it's as good as I would expect.
  • Since I have been using iPhones for many of their generations. I have lots of gadgets. I have the car charger, torch, my daughter's doll and my beloved transformer cigarette lighter with Apple sockets. After changing to Galaxy. I have problem with these gadgets. Wavertec adapter do help in this place. I can now use them again on my new Galaxy phone.
  • I would recommend Wavertec to anyone who needs an adapters for something. They are experts on this area.

Above info is from Buyer:

  • Wilson Kong

Item Info.:
Wavertec USB C to Lightning Female Adapter

Wavertec USB C to 30 Pin Female Adapter

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