4 High Value Things You Can Reuse from Your Old Laptop

Technology changes very fast and sooner or later you are on to the next big thing. You will always seem to find a laptop that has better performance than the one you have hence need to replace it.

The good news is that your old laptop does not have to go to waste. Here are 4 high value things you can reuse from your old laptop:

  1. Hard Disk Drive. The Hard Disk Drive is simple to extract from the laptop to use as an external Hard Drive. Re-using your Hard Disk Drive is an advantage in that your data is still safe in your care and you will not have a problem transferring what you need to your new laptop. You can also use it for saving your beloved movie/music. You will need to have a cable for SATA to USB 3.0 Adapter with a case. This gives you extra storage for your data. Alternatively, you can consider the multi-function USB SATA Cable which have few more benefits with 2x USB3.0 ports (USB hub) and SD TF card readers.
  2. Battery pack. A lot of people have damaged batteries and are looking out for compatible replacements. The battery pack from your old laptop can easily be sold on ebay or on any other online shop as a second-hand item to gain a few extra bucks. There is no reason to store the battery pack for your own future use since it gets damaged when not in use.
  3. Display. A laptop display is the most valuable item on a laptop if it is in good working condition. The display is very delicate hence can get damaged very easily. Getting an exact replacement could be challenging for anyone. You could take advantage of this and make some cash by putting it up on ebay for sale or even sell it to a computer shop that does repairs if they offer a good price. Due to the display's fragile nature, you should take great care when removing it from your old laptop. You should also store it well for shipping.
  4. CPU (Central Processing Unit). The CPU is also a valuable item in a laptop. When you open up a laptop you will find it in a socket on the motherboard, just below the cooling unit. Be careful when removing the cooling unit and again very careful when extracting the CPU. Ensure that you do not touch its pins. The best way to handle it is by holding its sides. It is advisable to package it well for shipping to avoid bending of the pins.

If you are also considering to update an old desktop PC as well, you might need to check if it's hard disk drive is SATA or IDE socket. This is because the older version of hard disk drive of a PC might use IDE instead of SATA. This IDE SATA Hard Drive USB Adapter could give a benefit because of it is compatible with both types.

If you are fortunate enough to reuse all these and other items from you old laptop, you will find that the sum of its parts has more value than the laptop itself.

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